Zinc Lozenges May Help Shorten Colds

Some good news to keep in mind when cold season comes around: A meta-analysis of three randomized, placebo-controlled trials has found that zinc acetate lozenges lessen the duration of the common cold by nearly three days. While previous research has come to a similar conclusion, the new meta-analysis was unique in that the studies it included examined zinc's effectiveness across different groups of people—including those with varying allergy statuses, smoking habits, cold severities, ages, genders, and ethnicities—and found that the zinc lozenges were equally effective across the board. Therefore, based on these findings, it appears that zinc could be an effective cold-alleviator for most people. If you’d like to stock up on zinc so you’re prepared when a cold strikes, lozenges that contain zinc gluconate or acetate, and that are free of artificial colorings and flavorings, might be your best choice.

Source: British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

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